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Show up online without feeling "salesy"!

Your network is your net worth, learn how to cultivate relationships on social channels and love how it's done.

This increased my engagement & my confidence.

My years of schooling & training as a therapist taught me information was a sign of credibility. I had no idea too much information caused confusion & overwhelm. Now I know better and the door is opening for me.

- Agnis Pena-Toro, Physiotherapist and Diet Disrupter

Finally! "the how"

What you know is priceless, but how to harness that power and share it is where you are stuck.

If you've ever wondered why you feel captivated and drawn into posts, but just scroll right past others you aren't alone. It's an art & science to connect with people online - you just haven't learned it YET!

If you are done wasting your precious time and energy, invest in yourself and your ideas - you're worth it.

What's Included?

The Content Framework

Our proven method to convert your expertise into meaningful resources that others want to consume that is easy to understand and implement.

Design Visuals that Attract

The visuals are even more important than the text, implement 5 proven graphic design tweaks that make a huge impact in your engagement.

Goof-Proof Template

Access a downloadable template to plan out your content with ease every single time.

Design Templates

Access to proven template styles that work through Canva. + training so you can use them.

Keep the Momentum

It's impossible to get lost in this program or not complete it unless you choose to drop out. Micro-learning that is simple, straight forward and actionable is delivered to your inbox.

Bonus! Live Mentoring

Attend live guided sessions and receive "in the moment" mentoring & feedback from our team of instructional & graphic designers for 3-months.

This Stuff Works!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This program gave me the structure and access to amazing ideas that inspired me to take action and increased my confidence to show up online feeling like a boss.  

Michael Maiorano

Wardrobe Consultant 

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I had no idea how to package all my years of knowledge & expertise into teaching posts.  With the strategies, templates and guidance provided by Susan Gatti, I created way more engagement!"

Former Attorney & CEO of Kirsten Beske Coaching

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This was transformational.

It showed me how to take ideas out of my head and mold them into content that has a greater impact and I didn't feel foolish."


CEO, Trendbreakers

Hello! I'm Susan Gatti, Business Consultant and former Fortune 500 Training Exec, and I completely understands the struggle of the professional figuring out how to use social channels to grow! 

You want to know separates me from the typical sales or marketing expert? I know how to help Subject Experts create engaging content.

You don't need shifty tactics and shady strategies that just feel icky, you just need to learn how to clear away the noise that been keeping you from revealing your authentic self.

We got you. @susangatti

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