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I help thought leaders turn their proven formula into 

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Let’s go from inform to transform, together.

Are you ready to grow your coaching or consulting business, serve even more clients, and fulfill your big mission?

Only a Transformational Training Program will turn clients into brand advocates that will recommend you, pay a premium to work with you, stay longer in your program, and be more likely to purchase other services that you offer. 


what We Offer

Hire the Team

From one module to a full program roll-out, our goal is to make it easier for you to create high-impact training initiatives that get results.  

Signature Training Program

Turn your content and courses into training programs that sell, gets rave views, & produces life-changing results for your clients.  

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From tips to workshops to training events. Our goal is to hear you say “Your Stuff is Fantastic, You’re a Genius.”  C. Sparrow

Finally, a Plan to Solve the Performance Gap

Courses, workshops, books, how to videos, and eLearning modules fuel knowledge and desire.   

But they are NOT ENOUGH to produce sustainable transformaiton and results.     

If you want to change behaviors, beliefs, culture, implement new skills, and increase performance, you’ll need to create training that transforms.   

Get to know the The Disruptive Spark™️ Formula.

Mentions & Testimonials

Meet Susan Gatti CEO of Immixid consulting

Learning leader turned business executive, Sue Gatti is disrupting the training paradigm.  

Fractional Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Speaker, Performance Strategist, and Lover of All Things Personal & Professional Development.

With over 25 years as a corporate learning executive and 100’s of high-impact training programs completed. Sue is a leading expert in the creation, implementation, and sales of transformational training programs at scale. 

She has cracked the code on human performance and what it takes to go beyond “training” and actually solve the “performance gap” that gets her clients and their companies the bottom-line results that matter.

She founded the The Disruptive Spark™️ Formula to provide a framework that anyone can use to learn how to turn “knowledge” into a high-impact training program that get results, every time.

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At ImmixID consulting we want to be your business partner and strategic advisor to solve your problems with training solutions  and achieve your performance goals.  

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