Take the “See! It didn’t work!” out of your Training Program.

Program Design & Learning Architecture For Successful, But Frustrating Training Program

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Double Your Success Rates, Quiet All The Complaining, Save Your Sanity & Restore Your Joy.

Clients who have achieved results with the Disruptive Spark™ Method

The Disruptive Spark™ Mastermind is a 1-1 program designed to engineer the stuck out of your program and catapult you to the next level of success you desire.

Take a peak at this proven 5 System Model that doubles results, quiets complaints and increases revenue.

  • Metrics That Matter: Identify your success metrics and become obsessed with achieving those results.
  • Program Architecture: Learn the 4-steps to design a program with the "juice" to get participant result rates to 85% or higher.
  • Participant Success Curve. A proprietary model that takes the mystery out of why some participants achieve results and others don't - even thought they've been in the same program.
  • Structured Content Design: Increase knowledge retention and the quality of your training materials to reducing program chaos, overwhelm and allow engagement to flourish.
  • Advisory Model: A process designed to coach participants through obstacles and barriers that block consistent implementation and slow goal achievement that you can follow and create a qualified advisory team to execute on your behalf.

"I get a paradigm shift every time we chat." Jay Razzouk | Attorney at LAW | Founder Business Law for Online Entrepreneurs

Make an investment in your yourself and your program today that will produce a lifetime of impact, increased revenue, reduced stress and a joyful experience you can sustain.

As trusted by...

Dr. Carla Vilches | CEO

Healing for the Mind, Body & Soul

This is the pathway to transform your knowledge into a 6-figure + group program with clarity.

Cara Di Cicco-Sandre | CEO

NAET Practitioner

I didn't know about ascension opportunities and the income I was leaving on the table by not servicing all of the needs of my clients.

Steve Watson | CFO

Founder of Trendbreakers

Access tools, resources, and templates that helped me get my ideas from my head into materials that I was proud to share and represented me.

Nakia Albino | Training Leader

InBev Anhauser Busch

This unlocked the value and secrets to successfully promoting my programs in ways that produced action without feeling "salesy" and enabled me to standout.

Sheryl Rhoades | CEO

Creative Entrepreneur

This gave me the nerve to turn down work I didn't want to do and let go of Clients I didn't really like serving. I am much happier in my work now.

Diane Bauman | CEO

DB Design and Consulting

Tap into the coaching and content to drill down into yourself and create an unshakeable confidence, even when typical growth struggles appear.

Meet Susan Gatti

Susan has achieved goals that feel extraordinary to her with this method like: leaving education and becoming an entrepreneur, running a marathon after smoking for 20 years and becoming a mom after years of failed IVF. The Disruptive Spark™ Method is in her DNA.

Featured in Chief Learning Officer Magazine & Regular speaker at the Learning Guild, Susan is a known expert in the creation & implementation of training programs that drive results. She has personally used the Disruptive Spark™ Method on 100's of high-impact training programs that have helped companies to lead individuals, team members and leadership teams to achieve their goals.

Most programs only help the top 10-15% who "just get it" but the Disruptive Spark™ Method is dedicated to the 85% of everyday people who really can take extraordinary action if someone just took the time to show them how and guided them through the process to remove the barriers that have kept them from success in the past.

Are you that someone?

Good things always evolve into even better things, only the noise and distractions fall away when they are no longer needed, even when we didn't know it was time.

- Susan Gatti | Disruptive Spark™ Founder